Nutrition, Biomedical and Bioenergetic Therapies for Autism Spectrum Conditions

A Complementary Approach
kirsty terry

Kirsty Terry

Founder – Equilibrium Health, Off the SpectrumTM

I help parents of children with Autism Spectrum Conditions identify and reduce the root causes of their symptoms, strengthen immunity and achieve optimum health for their children.

How? I use a range of Nutritional, Biomedical and Bioenergetic Therapies which are non-invasive, pain and drug-free.

Meet Me

I am founder of Equilibrium Health – where the ancient healing arts meet breakthrough scientific technologies.  I am a Functional Nutritionist and Bioenergetic Screening Practitioner,  as well as a Zumba queen!

As a Children’s Health Advocate and single mom of two.   I am passionate about health and wellness, which, to me, involves all aspects of health including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I appreciate the limitations of conventional medical practice in dealing with the current health challenges of our modern society and  recognise illness or ‘dis-ease’ is a complex combination of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues which are also heavily influenced by the nutritional, lifestyle, psychological, environmental and social factors.

I encourage my clients to consider how using a natural and complementary approach to health can help them take back the control and I love it when working with both children and adults, they can find their own power to make their lives full of inspiration, happiness and meaning.

What I do!

I love Nutrition, and this was my primary area of training, however to me it is like a leaky bucket and unless you fix the leak, you are never going to stop the water pouring out.  Biomedical intervention alone can be misguided, expensive and restricted to the elite few who can afford the ongoing  lab tests and supplementation programmes.

Healing health isn’t all about supplements, you have to find out what was at the root cause, remove the trigger and reduce the risk of future exposure whilst strengthening immunity for the future.

When your child has health challenges, you want to find out today, what is wrong and what you can do and not be waiting weeks for results or be reliant on lab tests which may not yet have been developed.

Energy medicine is the missing piece of the puzzle and can provide a real-time method to identify the causes and very quickly identify solutions.  For anyone who has tried Nutrition or Biomedical and not seen results, this is the way forward.

Whether you’re a parent of a child with a diagnosis, or are experiencing some concerns or health challenges and behaviours with your children I can help.


Follow the glute-free, casein-free soy-free and other allergens nutrition guide and correct nutritional deficiencies


Biomedical treatment can help with biochemical imbalances, detoxification and strengthen the immune system


Using the latest Bioenergetic Screening Technologies can help identify nutritional, chemical, microbial imbalances

If you are interested in working together, send me an inquiry and I will get back to you as soon as I can or you can book a call with me here!

My Story

Snapshot 1 (21-09-2015 07-14)We all have a ‘story’ for our WHY? and what sets me apart is the unique combination of Nutrition and Bioenergetic technologies I use, but also personal experience of my own and my children’s health and development challenges.

With this unique perspective, I can empathize with the frustration, anxiety and desperation we feel as a parent worrying ourselves sick about the health and wellbeing of our children.

I know what it’s like to feel hopeless and go from pillar to post only to receive conflicting messages, the determination we feel that takes us to the ends of google and back looking for a solution only to get totally confused and then worry that we are losing precious time going around in circles, never mind the money spent on private reports, supplements that didn’t achieve quite what we hoped for and therapies which helped, but just didn’t get to the root cause!

My Story: How my experience of my son’s development challenges led me towards helping my friends children and discovering the common health challenges all parents need to be aware of!

I don’t really remember any significant health challenges until I had my son and I ended up with an emergency caesarean. He was born with a squint and had it cosmetically corrected before he was three.   He was a bit of a colicky baby and I was aware that from the age of about two he had naturally stopped eating any dairy-based foods, had regular bouts of ear-ache, (which I talk about in a lot more detail here) and has in the later few years developed a gluten intolerance which if we don’t manage carefully causes an eczema flare-up!

Told not to MMR

However, what I can’t forget is when I took him for his MMR and I happened to mention to the nurse a recent funny incident.   We were playing together, his eyes had rolled into the back of his head and he seemed to almost lose consciousness for a few seconds and then seconds later he was himself again.  Before I realised what was happening, we had been ushered out of the door and i was told, she didn’t think she should do it on that day and  I was asked to return in six weeks.  I do wonder if ‘there but for the grace of god go I‘, because ultimately my son is what I would call (by Natasha Campbell-McBrides criteria), a GAPS child.

The most frustrating experience?

As I’m writing this, we are now into another annual episode of him being ‘unable to see’,  his eyes have shut down their visual processing, even though as per usual, we have had the confirmation that his eye health is fine, (which is hugely reassuring). However, yet again, we have gone from GP to opticians to school to hospital, to ophthalmology, to consultant, back to GP for referral to paediatrician and behavioural psychologist and back to school.   There is nothing more frustrating than sitting with a very senior consultant in eye ophthalmology and listening to them say ‘There’s nothing wrong with his eyes, there’s nothing more I can do”, when your son can’t see a thing.

What I needed to hear, was a little bit of compassion along the lines of ‘We have checked everything out pathophysiology and be reassured the eye health is fine, there are no neurological concerns, therefore, the next course of action is……however I will have to update the……. later!

You might be wondering what this has to do with Autism Spectrum Conditions,  yet, from the age of about five, when we realised his reluctance to read or write, and also that he was falling behind in his developmental targets.  We went through a lengthy process over the next couple of years to  try to understand why? and Dylexia, Dyspraxia, Autism were all considered.

As it has turned out my son does not have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, he has a set of challenges ‘without a label’ and slightly complicated by the fact he had an operation on his eyes.   However, in exhausting every avenue for my son, it took me onto an amazing journey into natural and complementary healthcare which is now the foundation of how I help my clients.

Abridged snapshot of the boring bits

A food scientist originally who studied biochemistry and microbiology before the days when we knew what a microbiome was.  Worked in the food industry for all the treats and sweets – Coca Cola, Ice Cream, bread, brewing and Marmite – love it!  Busy mum and finance director of training company and personal interest in all the healing arts and Reiki  the world of Quantum Physics found me.

I went back to University in 2010 and studied MSc Nutrition, Physical Activity & Public Health, originally pursued weight loss, but always felt that weight was a symptom and so many of my clients were dealing with underlying health challenges.   I love Nutrition, but to me it’s like a leaky bucket, if you don’t fix the leak, then as Victor herbert was quoted on the cover of  Time magazine (1992) said ‘just gave one expensive urine’.

Everything changed when I met the NutriVital Clinic.  I went to explore the ASYRA (EAV, bioenergetic screening) and I was blown away, by the insight it gave me to my health, where else could I have found out that the saliva from a dog bite I got when I was eight, had a bacteria in it, which left an imprint in my microbiome?  Suddenly this is where the ancient healing arts come together with the lastest scientific technologies.

I did all the practitioner training, then went on to learn and research more and more, enrolled with the Institute of Integrative medicine and as I was completing the modules, I was also developing more and more protocols for the ASYRA and I then added SCENAR a year later.  Underneath it all, the driving force was my son’s eyesight.

Identifying the root cause versus suppressing symptoms

I was consulting for my friends initially and they were asking me to work with their children.   What struck me one day, was that of my five close friends at the time, between us we had ten children.  Two with  Aspergers, one unnamed, one with Epilepsy, three with allergies, two with food intolerances, one with childhood tics, one walking on tip toes, one with the biggest mood swings and meltdowns (and if that doesn’t add up, some had more than one condition, but each had something!).

I had learnt a technique when working in the food industry, where when a machine broke down, we would ask the question:

Why did the machine breakdown?

This would evidently lead us to go and investigate and find an answer which would ask another question.  The theory was that if you asked the question 5 times, you would get to the root cause.  Surely this technique couldn’t be used on something as complex as the human body?

The Detective Role

The functional medicine model is based on finding the underlying root cause of a health challenge rather than using medications to mask symptoms and asks the following questions:

What’s in the body that shouldn’t be there? – REMOVE

What’s missing from the body that should be there? – REPLACE

How Is the health of the Microbiome?-  RE-INOCULATE

How is the health of the Intestinal Tract? – REPAIR

What I found amazing about working with the ASYRA, is it allows you to ask all these questions of your client using a Non-Invasive, Pain and Drug-free approach, AND have the answer within minutes, (rather than waiting for weeks to get the results from lab tests), this allows you to focus with your client on the  steps they need to take to improve their health.

But we need to take it a step further, and this is where the biomedical approach doesn’t give the full picture and we need to step into world of energy, frequency and quantum physics to find a way for the body itself to commicate how or what it needs to heal itself.

So whether it is following a type of elimination diet such as SCD diet or GAPs, or removing the sources of environment toxicity as in CEASE therapy or eliminating allergy sensitivities such as NAET, or a whole host of others such as parasites, EMF’s, or investigating where a physical alignment intervention such as cranial therapy my benefit.  The ASYRA database can allow a practitioner to ask all these questions and provide a treatment plan to support the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

I know that it’s possible to change how symptoms of allergies, gut problems, environmental toxicity levels and pathogen-type infections can affect a child’s behaviour,  because that is and continues to be, my experience.   I’m still working on my son’s eyesight.

If there is only one thing you take away from my story, let it be this: Never stop asking WHY!

Professional Bio


MSc Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health
BSc (Hons) Food Science & Technology
ASYRA Advanced Health Screening System
SCENAR Advanced Practitioner Therapist
Diploma in Food Health & Hygiene
Reiki Master

Registered Nutritionist R(Nutr)
Nutritional Therapist (FNTP)

IFIM – Certification in Integrative Medicine (current)
IFM – Introduction for Functional Medicine
IFM – Toxins and Illness: Paranoid Fantasy or Legitimate Threat?
IFM – Functional Nutrition: Clinical Solutions for Addressing the Underlying Causes of Disease

Kirsty Terry is a registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition (AfN), the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP) and is insured for all the above therapies by Balens.  She also appears on the Nutritionist Resource and the ASYRA practitioners website.