Since I live in Cheltenham and Professor Robert Winston is well known to our schools and a regular at the Cheltenham Science Festival.  I have started with his short video which uses ‘ building bridges’ as a really useful analogy.


This fabulous short video, explains neuroplasticity and the ‘roads well travelled’ and how we carve out new roads.



How are we shaping are brains?  This last video uses the analogy of a neuron in the brain like a webpage on the internet.

And this last one on Toxic Stress.  It is a well known fact that a child with autism is highly likely to have a toxic brain, however the toxicity is more from an environmental attack initially.   While you take time to reduce the toxic load, this last little video which is less than a minute long, helps re-inforce how important we are as parents and positive role models.


So you now you’ve got it!  Hope over to this article and read about the University of Calgary study, Mercury Toxicity and Autism Spectrum Conditions.  And if you prefer watching videos then you might also like this article Three essential Videos about Vaccines and Autism Spectrum Conditions.