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Starting on Monday, 2 November @ 17:00  Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Day 1: Monday, (Nov. 2) – Click here to join

Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD: GAPS-Diet
Melanie Gentile, IPh: Seizures—What Actually Works.
Jeanette Fransen: Our Story: What We’ve Learned Along the Way
Mary Barbera, PhD, RN, BCBA-D: Behavior Training (Potty Training!) A Technique Anyone Can Master!
Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD: Multiple Causes and Treatments
Mary Coyle, DiHom: Homotoxicology – An Effective System for Treating ASD Kids

Day 2: Tuesday, (Nov. 3) – Click here to join

Martha Herbert, MD, PhD: New Science to Help with Brain Health Challenges in Autism
Amy Derskin, ND: What You Need to Know About Detoxing
Dr.Dan Pompa: The 5 R’s of True Cellular and Detox Healing
Merily Pompa: A Mother’s Recovery Story
Lyn Johnson, PhD: Easy Self Care Advice for Parents
Mindy: A Mother’s Journey

Day 3: Wednesday, (Nov. 4) – Click here to join

Thomas Rau, MD: Live Stem Cell Therapy
John Brimhall, DC: Environmental Toxins and How to Remove Them
Shelley Brandon: A Mother’s Recovery Message
Jacob Hess, PhD: A Review of Over 1000 Autism Studies
Sal Martingano, DC: Let the Truth be Told. Understanding the Causes and Solutions to ASD Disorders
Tamra Tanner: Hoofbeats To Healing: Horse Therapy for Autism
Shawnee Smith: A Recovery Using Horse Therapy

Day 4: Thursday, (Nov. 5) – Click here to join

Jean-Ronel Corbier, MD: Brain Therapy and Seizures
Dana German: Online Resources and Inexpensive Therapies
Tyler Peterson: A Father’s Story
Dr. Deborah Swain: Auditory Processing Disorders in Autism
Eleanor Green: Huge Gains Using Listening Therapy
Dr. Rashid Buttar, DO: Autism: The Misdiagnosis and Poisoning of Future Generations
Tami Duncan: Vibrational Healing for Autism

Day 5:Friday (Nov. 6th) – Click here to join

Gunvant Oswal, MD: G-Therapy–A Powerful Therapy Developed in India
Duane Smith, PhD : Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Microbial Inactivation
Sharon Fila: Suggestions for Extended Family and Friends
Sherri Tenpenny, DO: Exposing The Truth About Vaccines
Polly Tommy: Planning the Future for Adults with Autism

All sessions begin airing at 17:00 GMT on the date listed above and will be available for approximately 23 hours, after which time the next day’s session will be loaded onto our site for your viewing pleasure.