I had the privilege this weekend to attend Dr Dietrich Klinghardt’s Autism Solutions Seminar in London demonstrating the latest therapeutic interventions for the growing Autism Epidemic.

For anyone who has not heard of the pioneering work of Dr Klinghardt, he has been described as ‘the healer of healers’, but more importantly, he has recovered not hundreds but thousands of children from Autism in over 25 years as a practicing MD, PHD.  When you see him present, what comes across is his passion for his work, the truth and his more than generous sharing of his knowledge  with those most needing to hear it.  His website Klinghardt Institute, also shares so much information for both parents and practitioners in the quest for the cause without him directly benefiting.

Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD is “a kind and gentle spirit who is authentically motivated to provide the most foundational treatments for patients to resolve their illnesses at the deepest level.” Klinghardt has been synthesizing traditional and alternative medicine for more than 30 years.

Shockingly the lastest trend analysis predict that by 2025, 50% of children born will struggle with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.  Everything presented by Dr Klinghardt and the leading experts in this field confirms what I knew about how man’s impact on the environment releasing over 85,000 toxic substances since world war II, is driving this catastrophic development which could bring society as we know it to a rapid end.

Affected children when fully developed will not be able to achieve their human and intellectual potential and yet the families touched by Autism are left struggling to cope with the daily challenges their spectrum children present.

During the 2-full-day event we scoured the scientific-evidence base and understood in no uncertain terms the underlying root causes for the illness, which has for so long been routed in the psychiatric field of treatment, yet as we progressed through the plethora of simple diagnostic tests and affordable solutions from the biomedical field and other areas of applied science, it confirmed also, just as with the obesity epidemic, that whilst the diagnosis and comorbidities are routed in medicine, the recovery of symptoms is not reliant on genetics, a miracle cure, or magic pill, yet to be developed, rather a systematic approach to the complex  combination of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues which are also heavily influenced by the environmental exposure, nutritional, lifestyle, psychological and social factors.  Modern day society, our heritage, upbringing and exposures all come together to contribute to a multifactorial cause.

It is these approaches I use to help parents and carers recover children with symptoms of Autism Spectrum Conditions.

Of all the tools and techniques demonstrated, discussed and challenged, I can think of only one or two examples where Dr Klinghardt presented a medical drug as a treatment option and in both of these examples, we also discussed the biomedical and natural alternatives, all of which I am looking at here on my shelf here.

The two days were information packed and Dr Klinghardt never lost his enthusiasm to present and up to 9pm in the evening we were enthralled by his demonstration of Autonomic Response Testing (ART), a form of muscle testing or kinesiology, which measures stress responses in the body and nervous system. ART is an extremely accurate, elegant, sophisticated, quick, reliable and comprehensive diagnostic system that is the leading bio-energetic technique in Europe today. ART is the only type of muscle testing that can measure the biophotonic field of a patient, establish a diagnosis and prescribe treatment simultaneously.

The healing approach using the ASYRA (EAV), uses a similar approach, (EAV is also recommended by Dr Klinghardt in his book as an alternative to ART).   What also stood out for me as a practitioner and what I was most excited about was, I use a technique called Isotherapy with the ASYRA (which Dr Klinghardt calls low-dose immunotherapy, although Isotherapy is not done via injection) to support the immune system of my clients.  It was a technique I was taught, have always found to yield amazing healing effects with my clients and yet now my clarity around this mechanisms behind this approach has been truly understood.

Whilst it will take my a good few weeks as a practitioner to fully get my head around all that was presented and double check that it is all part of my natural healing approach, the summary is as follows:

Main Causal contributors of Autism Spectrum Conditions

• Lack of appropriate preconception health care
• Transfer of environmental toxins, metals and microbes trans-placentally.
• Effects of microwave radiation on the foetus and newborn children from various sources: cordless phones, Wi-Fi, baby monitors, smart meters and computers.
• Mercury and aluminium toxicity, organophosphates, glyphosate, PBDEs, phthalates and other chemicals.
• Borrelia species, viruses, mycoplasma.
• Systemic family issues

Main Treatment Options for Autism Spectrum Conditions

• Balancing the gut microbiome (diet, enzymes, pre and probiotics, faecal transplant)
• Gc protein macrophage activating factor
• Biomedical approach (micronutrients, hormones, neurotransmitters)
• Movement therapies and neurodevelopmental techniques
• Masking, hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
• Applied physics (energy medicine): transcranial low level laser and microwave, magnetic fields, pulsed micro-current, laser field restructuring etc
• Family constellation work, applied neurobiology


Keep an eye out for more articles about which of the above are or are not incorporated as part of my approach as not all are needed in all individual cases.  There are some of these treatment options which require intervention by other practitioners even though they may be part of the overall approach and also some which I believe as a result of using the ASYRA and Isotherapy may negate or replace some of these.


A massive thank you to Dr Klinghardt and his leading experts for an amazing weekend for which I am struggling to put into words as to how amazing it truly was.  This is a man with a big heart truly at ‘The Heart of Healing’.