GcMAF and Autism

GcMAF really shot to fame with the after the death of the now infamous Dr Bradstreet – a US-based doctor who used GcMAF to treat patients with autism.  Three days after his premises were searched by the FDA, he was found dead, allegedly suicide.  Dr Bradstreet had treated over 2,000 autistic children with GcMAF and the well-established results showed in 15% GcMAF makes no difference. 85% improve, if only a little, and of them 15% have their autism eradicated.

GcMAF is an injectable product made from human blood, produced by Guernsey-based Immuno Biotech Ltd and was manufactured in the UK.  The company claims GcMAF is “the body’s way of becoming cancer free”, that 85% of people with autism “respond”, and “15% make full recoveries”. It also claims “full recoveries in 70% of cases” of ME and chronic fatigue syndrome.  GcMAF has not been properly studied in clinical trials and its laboratory results still need to be confirmed independently.

Watch the video at the bottom of this  page, where Dr. Ted Broer explains why doctors are being killed for what they are discovering about vaccinations.

The BBC reported 27 September 2015,

An unlicensed blood product which claims to treat cancer and autism is still being sold, despite warnings that it could pose a significant risk to health, the BBC has learned.

GcMAF is not a banned substance, however currently GcMAF cannot be imported into the UK.  First Immune, can ship to Europe and were criticised by the BBC who had an undercover reporter pose as the parent of an autistic child and make a secret recording of the call.  I phoned first immune out of curiosity and had a similar conversation, not posing as an Autism mum, but I wanted to know more about the probiotics, and found out that they are no longer affiliated with first Immune.  From what I could gather, their instructions are as per the BBC call,  if you want to purchase GcMAF, you have to order from their website and get shipped to an address in Europe and then shipped on to the UK.

The BBC story makes a big hype about the sterility of the compound and hence the raid by the MHRH investigators, however, it is interesting to read about the Product Quality Controls.  I found them useful and reassuring.

GcMAF and The Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Investigators from MHRA carried out an unannounced inspection of a production site in Milton, Cambridgeshire, after the medicines regulator in Guernsey raised concerns in relation to the product.  It was reported in the media that:

 the production site does not meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and there are concerns over the sterility of the medicine being produced and the equipment being used. There are concerns that the product may be contaminated.

People who had bought the product were advised to speak to their doctor, and one woman said:

she feared for her son’s health when she read about the MHRA warning: “I thought maybe his blood was poisoned, I was thinking the worst.


Given that there is a petition currently underway to the House of Commons to disband the MHRA and its big pharma board of directors, on the basis that it:

protects the billion dollar pharmaceutical monopolies by ruthlessly closing down any new effective, inexpensive scientific discoveries

It does make you wonder if the whole raiding of Cambridge factory, banning import to UK and trying to discredit pioneering doctors as quacks is just another attempt by the powers that be to maintain our ‘sickness industry’.

You can click here to read more and sign the petition

Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism

I first heard about GcMAF when I read Kerry Rivera’s book Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism.  It is known as the most controversial Autism Healing Book in the World – mostly because the author, promotes enemas with a product called Chlorine Dioxide (CD), which attracts outrage from parents who are adverse to ‘bleaching the digestive tracts of the children blessed with Autism’.

Chapter 12 (p293) is about GcMAF and Autism.  GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor), a blood product, claims to treat a range of conditions including Autism, Cancer and HIV.

GcMAF is a human protein that occurs naturally in a healthy body. It is a special supplement that replaces the missing part of the immune system, and also acts as the body’s own internal medicine. – Dr Usman

Kerry Rivera goes on to explain that when she initially tried it with her son, other than some less compulsive eating, she hadn’t seen any amazing results, which put her off ordering a second rather expensive vial.  However two years later she was encouraged by Dr Usman to give it four or five months before making a final decision.  During the second course her son started doing all sorts of new things to the point where all her money was going on GcMAF.

One of the things that I feel makes GcMAF so exciting is the fact that it helps regrow dendrites in a matter of hours after it is injected. The dendrites are the very things that got fried when mercury entered our children’s bodies. With the help of GcMAF, we are now able to restore what was lost. Not to mention, GcMAF boosts the immune system, which we have come to find is often sorely lacking in people with ASD’s. – Kerry Rivera,  October 2013

Dr. Ted Broer Interview.


How to Purchase GcMAF –

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The list of websites that people may have used to purchase GcMAF are:

Extracted from GcMAF facebook page

First immune: medium strength product called Goleic to be injected intra muscular. A vial per week is used in clinics to treat cancer. For autism it needs to be diluted first. Dr bradstreet would dilute by as much as 100x. For ME/CFS they recommend low dose of the injection www.gcmaf.se. Shipped from Europe. www.gcmaf.asia

Sasai merei in Japan: high strength injectable product suitable for cancer for which it has positive reviews. http://www.saisei-mirai.or.jp/. Shipped from Japan

Bravo probiotic yoghurt culture – home made yoghurt kits that can improve immunity via improved gut microbiome. Suitable for all, but milk allergies can be an issue www.bravoprobiotic.com. See website for distributors.Www.bravousa.com

MAFActive – Skin cream, oral drops/spray www.mafactive.eu. Distributors listed on the website

The 1stProengineering saga. There was some dishonesty going on with the company, resulting in a spoof website called www.1stproengineering.eu, which was a direct copy of the original websitewww.1stproengineering.com.


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