Heavy metal toxicity is a key component in many children suffering with symptoms of autism spectrum conditions. Sources of exposure can include environmental factors such as contaminated food or water, personal products or home cleaning and care products, vaccinations or common pesticides and herbicides.  These heavy metals are toxins which can be detrimental to your child’s health. The detection of toxicity levels of heavy metals is challenging,  sometimes difficult to quantify and expensive, and although they can give useful information with regards to the potential of heavy metal poisoning. However, it is important to realize that hair testing is a screening tool and further diagnostics may be necessary to qualify heavy metal toxicity and all this can leave you with ‘now that I know, where do I go?  Using the ASYRA EAV screening, I detect resonances for heavy metal toxicity, which we can then advise you which tests you can request either from your GP or privately  for confirmation.  However, whenever I detect metal toxicity in the energetic field, I consider it as a serious problem that needs to be addressed with many children.   However, I don’t recommend parents  automatically pursue heavy metal chelation without looking at the whole health of the child and the reason is that many children with these metals need to have other areas of their bodies strong and healthy before the chelation process should be attempted, ie. gut function, nutrient support, cellular energy. Otherwise, the chelation process may have mixed or even detrimental results.

I uses a wide variety of treatments for heavy metal chelation including Chlorella and greens products, energetic and homeopathic remedies, Isotherapy and supplement regimes that are specific for supporting the body before, during, and after the chelation and detoxification process.  I always need to individualise the programs for each child to best meet their needs and to reduce any adverse effects.  If done appropriately, heavy metal chelation and detoxification therapy is a safe and an effective way of improving your child’s health.