Biomedical and Bioenergetic therapies are a range of approaches and lifestyle modifications that are considered complementary by mainstream medicine, which are now being embraced by functional medicine practitioners around the world.

This includes the latest bioenergetic screening technologies such as the ASYRA Pro to assess the core imbalances and dysfunctions at the root cause of the symptoms, such as digestive tract integrity,  gut dysbiosis, levels of environmental toxicity including heavy metal toxicity and addressing these with therapies such as special diets, nutritional supplementation and detoxification.

In each of these approaches the bio-individuality of the client is taken into consideration, including their inherant make-up, lifestyle factors, antecdents and physiological symptoms in addition to the bio-markers used to assess functionality.

Here’s a list of the some of the main approaches used in biomedical treatments:

Chelation Therapy

B12 Injections

Glutathionee Injections

Gluten & Casein Free Diet or GAPS Diet

Nutritional Supplementation

Digestive Enzymes



Vitamin D3

Fermented Foods

Mild Hyperbaric Therapy