Such a shocking headline, but in reality, it is not the diagnosis which is shocking, (as the parents I work with inform me it confirms what was expected!).  The devastation is the realisation that something has changed and your gorgeous healthy, happy, well-developing baby appears to have stopped progressing developmentally and then eye contact, speech and the emotional contact between the parent and child seem to have regressed or replaced by new strange behaviours such as flapping, squealing, rocking, spinning or even self-inflicting or more harmful behaviours.

Deep down, you have that gut feeling that your child was not born like this!  Trust your gut, and hold that thought close to your heart whilst you persevere on your journey to find the truth about what may have caused this and what you need to do to help your loved one to heal.

“There is no cure for Autism”, we are told by the medical professionals, yet the internet is swarming with tales and testimonials of recovery and more and more books are published using the words ‘recovery’.

Fear of losing precious time and money with ‘trial and error’, or misinformations, yet not satisfied with shelling out for report after report, which just leaves you with ‘Now that we know – where do we go? syndrome! leaves us parents feeling inadequate when all we want is our kids to spend less time suffering any type of physical, emotional or mental effects of an autism spectrum disorder and we also know that the less time are kids spend ill, then the easier and quicker recovery is.

I’ll be really clear here, my children are not on the Autism Spectrum, however my son has different health challenges and initially Autism, Dyslexia and other labels were explored and this is how I got here and then what surprised me more was when I started working with my friends and then they starting asking me to work with their children.  Between my five close friends and our ten children, what shocked me was that of the ten kids, one was suspected Autistic, two were Aspergers, one was epileptic, two were GAPs kids, and then the remaining children all had their individual behaviours habits, moods and meltdowns which do typically mimic some of the spectrum type behaviours – then again, it’s a spectrum, aren’t we all on it somewhere?!?

This is my work, this is what I do, I am a parent like you who has scoured the ends of google and back looking for answers to why their child isn’t meeting their development targets.  I am here to help you with what I have learnt, researched, applied in my private practice and had the privilege of seeing the children I have worked with achieve a level of recovery.

We are told to accept the gift of Autism, be grateful and feel blessed and there can be critcism for not accepting our children as they are or trying to change them.  We can all light the world blue and run around in a blue onesie and research into this epidemic rising at an alarming rate should never stop.  Yet recovery is not about non-acceptance or trying to change someone’s personality, healing autism is about reversing the harmful symptoms at the cause of the diagnosis – which manifest as still wearing nappies well into puberty or adulthood, rocking in a chair, flapping, squealing, smearing faeces, mega meltdowns.  These are not true personality traits,  this is our children’s body communicating with the outside world that something is wrong, please STOP and HELP!  And when you listen and take action, the children start to heal and these symptoms start to disappear and then the true child within can fully express themself once again with smiles, eye contact, words, gestures and love.

Recovery of autism is about minimising the adverse symptoms of inflammation in the gut and in the brain.  The information on this website will help you address the underlying causes which lead to the diagnosis.

From all the latest research, you will discover that Autism Spectrum Conditions is a combination of multiple risk factors including genetic, biological and environmental factors.  In practice every person with a either a suspicion or diagnosis has signs of allergies,  infections (virus, bacteria, candida, parasites), environmental toxins such as heavy metals or chemical toxicity, electromagnetic forces and nutritional deficiencies due to a compromised digestive function.

The protocols here are designed to handle every one of these issues, however, everyone has their own bio-individuality and although they may be sitting under the same diagnosis ‘HAT’, the reasons they got here, and the journey to recovery will be as individual as their biochemical makeup and some people make more or quicker progress than others.    So we start with a baseline, not a medical report sat on some computer somewhere adding to the statistics, but a starting point which is our reminder of what will be achieved and Step by Step we follow a carefully mapped out route, relishing the journey and never losing site of the end destination.