Helping children with learning, behavioral or spectrum related challenges fulfill their potential?

I help parents and carers identify and heal our modern day underlying health conditions, using functional medicine and bioenergetic health screening. I’ll give you the exact steps you need to help your child learn, develop and fulfil their potential.
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The PDQ-1 is a 2-minute, 10-question autism test, with an 88% likelihood of correctly identifying children with autism, developed by Rutgers University.
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Are you a parent of a child with Challenging Behaviors or an Autism Spectrum Condition?

Autism spectrum disorders are the fastest growing developmental disorder in the world today. For the past three decades the rates have increased at an accelerating rate and are currently 1in 68 children; 1 in 48 boys and 1 in 189 girls are affected.

Is there an underlying health challenge at the root cause of behaviour?

Care providers should be aware that problem behaviour in patients with ASD’s my be the primary or sole symptom of the underlying medical condition – Consensus Report, Pediatrics, Buie et al., 2010

Do You Want To Know More About the Causes?

Research is showing that conditions like Autism, Aspergers, PDD, ADHD, ODD, OCD, Learning Difficulties, Allergies, Asthma and Repeated Infections are medically linked by underlying issues of exposure to enviromental toxicity, microbial infections, mitochondrial dysfunction and nutritional deficiencies.

Have You Been Offered No Hope but to Cope?

“Traditional medical thinking presumes the disorder (Autism) is lifelong and not reversible. Typically parents are told to ‘cope with it’ and offered no hope. Yet the combination of behavioural and biomedical intervention clearly improves, sometimes dramatically, many children with Autism.” Jeff Bradstreet, MD

How To Help Your Child With A Natural Drug Free Approach

Biomedical  and Bioenergetic Therapies removes environmental toxins and exposures, including heavy metals from the body, all the digestive tract to heal, improves the digestion and absortption of nutrients and unlocking your child’s brain so they can learn, develop and fulfill their potential.

Improvement IS Possible?

Recovery is about minimizing the adverse symptoms of the underlying health conditions to achieve optimun health and  maximizing ability to learn, grow and fulfill potential.

Are you a parent of a child who may have symptoms of an Autism Spectrum Condition?

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Are you concerned about your children's health and frustrated that your current health care provider tell's you little can be done, when the internet is full of real life examples of recovery?


Do you know deep inside that your child wasn't born with this condition, and want to understand the root causes behind the symptoms they are experiencing?


Do you worry about the long term effects of medications that merely suppress symptoms when you ultimately want to remove them?


Do you have a gut feeling that reducing the harmful effects of environmental toxins, eliminating heavy metals, removing nutritional deficiencies, resolving digestive problems and strengthening immunity are the key to optimal health


Are you overwhelmed by the volume over information available, struggling to know what is credible, worrying about wasting precious time and frustrated by not knowing where to start?


Do you want to stop watching your children struggle with their health and live every day to the fullest and healthiest potential?


You've already tried so much, but feel you need the support of a healthcare professional who can guide each step of your journey and help you avoid the pitfalls?


Do you want extra information about how biomedical and bioenergetic therapy treatment protocols can aid recovery using a natural, non-invasive and pain-free approach?

Recovery is about minimizing the adverse symptoms of the underlying health conditions to achieve optimum health and  maximizing ability to learn, grow and fulfill potential.

Kirsty Terry MSc, BSc, R(Nutr), AFMCP, NCP - Autism Health Screening

Hi, I’m Kirsty Terry, a functional medicine practitioner and I help parents of children with Autism Spectrum Conditions identify and reduce the root causes of their symptoms, strengthen immunity and achieve optimum health for their children. Working with bio-resonance health screening equipment, I have developed a range of screening protocols which help to identify the underly root causes which may be contributing to your child’s behaviour and symptoms.  I can help parents to understand the health of their children which includes the environmental stressors and the toxic load, nutritional status, how biochemistry may be disrupted and the effect on the hormones and neurotransmitters, the presence of pathogens or a weaknesses in the microbiome and the immune system.   Using the functional medicine approach and the principles of homotoxicology, kinesiology and homeopathy, I work with a range non-pharmaceutical modalities including Nutritional, Biomedical and Bioenergetic to support the healing journey using a non-invasive, pain and drug-free approach

The Step by Step Process you need to follow to help your child recover from symptoms of Autism Spectrum Conditions.

A Step by Step Approach

Off the Spectrum is a complementary program to guide you through the steps required to naturally cleanse the body from an overload of toxicity, nourish the body to allow your child to heal their health naturally.



Follow the glute-free, casein-free soy-free and other allergens nutrition guide and correct nutritional deficiencies



What’s in the body that shouldn't be there?
Find the sources of toxicity overload and remove the build-up from environmental, household and personal products, heavy metals, pathogenic microbes and electromagnetic forces.  Learn how to support the internal detoxification systems


Biomedical treatment can help with biochemical imbalances, detoxification and strengthen the immune system



What’s missing from the body that should be there?
Nourish the cells with high-density nutritional foods to replace the healing ingredients required for growth and repair.  Learn how to increase nutrient levels of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids with high-performing supplements to address nutritional deficiencies.


Using the latest Bioenergetic Screening Technologies can help identify nutritional, chemical, microbial imbalances



What’s required for the body’s self-healing mechanism?
Heal and seal the digestive tract,  re-inoculate the microbiome, reduce inflammation, strengthen immunity and stimulate growth and repair of the enteric nervous system located in the gastrointestinal system which also affects the growth of the nerves and the brain.
What my clients say about working with me.

“This isn’t a one size fits all approach either, I have another son slightly older who was also seen by Kirsty.  He is also receiving support, but it is completely different.  That tells me she is specifically dealing with each of my children which is relevant to them.  This is not an overnight solution, we have started with …….. What I love about the ‘off the spectrum programme’ is how it is totally tailored to my son with not only the next steps but also I am in control of the timing of what we do next and when so I can fit it around what is happening at school and when the holidays occur.  Of all the people we have been to see, he actually asks if he can go and see Kirsty”.

J Perks

Hi Kristy, we have just viewed this (the webinar) and looked at your site – we love it! What a generous offer – thank you very much! We would love to take you up on it!

The Thinking Moms' Revolution

Well the first appointment went exceptionally well, she’s (11-year-old daughter) no longer using the ‘F’ word!

M Nelson

The paediatrician and Speech and Language therapist both agreed that they don’t think he is on the autistic spectrum, and the paediatrician has now taken him off her records. 

T Freeman

Thanks so much Kirsty, I am delighted with the results so far. You have helped us get to a much-improved stage in 3 weeks, where the gp’s and hospital consultants have struggled for 3 years! Much appreciated.

S Goldsmith

Thank you for giving me the courage to do something about it.  You are amazing!

H Evans

I’m 22 years old and was diagnosed with Epilepsy 13 years ago.   The medication I am on has side effects and this showed itself in weight gain and fatigue. I felt at the end of my tether, uncomfortable with my size and needed to take ‘control’ of my situation.   I now completely medication free, feel able to embrace the mornings with a smile and thoroughly enjoy the new lifestyle I have with regular nutritional meals, regular exercise and a regular sleep pattern.  I can only say thank you to Kirsty for her support, encouragement and commitment. to getting a 22 year old back on form.  

E Morris

Thanks again for your continued support!  This has been the biggest step forward for O**** – it’s been great watching him developing int a little talkative man!!!  

M Dunn

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