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A Step by Step Approach

Off the Spectrum is a complementary program to guide you through the steps required to naturally cleanse the body from an overload of toxicity, nourish the body to allow your child to heal their health naturally.


Follow the glute-free, casein-free soy-free and other allergens nutrition guide and correct nutritional deficiencies


What’s in the body that shouldn’t be there?
Find the sources of toxicity overload and remove the build-up from environmental, household and personal products, heavy metals, pathogenic microbes and electromagnetic forces.  Learn how to support the internal detoxification systems


Biomedical treatment can help with biochemical imbalances, detoxification and strengthen the immune system


What’s missing from the body that should be there?
Nourish the cells with high-density nutritional foods to replace the healing ingredients required for growth and repair.  Learn how to increase nutrient levels of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids with high-performing supplements to address nutritional deficiencies.


Using the latest Bioenergetic Screening Technologies can help identify nutritional, chemical, microbial imbalances


What’s required for the body’s self-healing mechanism?
Heal and seal the digestive tract,  re-inoculate the microbiome, reduce inflammation, strengthen immunity and stimulate growth and repair of the enteric nervous system located in the gastrointestinal system which also affects the growth of the nerves and the brain.

Why This Course Is For You.

Autism spectrum disorders are the fastest growing developmental disorder in the world today.  For the past three decades the rates have increased at an accelerating rate and are currently 1in 68 children; 1 in 48 boys and 1 in 189 girls are affected.

Leading MIT researcher Stephanie Seneff has predicted by 2025, half the children born will be diagnosed autistic.  What is not apparent in this number is the relationship of boys to girls, moved from 4 to 1, now to 20 to1.  By 2025, we will have no normal boys, they will be born normally, but by the time they are two years old, they will be diagnosed as Autistic or at least neurodevelopmentally delayed, impaired or not having a normal life expectancy.


  • Understand the latest information about how nutrition, biomedical and bioenergetic therapies can help reverse symptoms and the essential stages involved in Autism recovery.
  • Assess the health of you or you loved one, so you know where you are starting from and how to identify the progress you are making
  • How to reduce the toxic load your child is experiencing
  • How to identify if there are any physical misalignments which may require physical intervention and how to source the right practitioner for you child
  • How to heal and seal the digestive system
  • How to increase the nutrient levels from credible sources including high-density and functional foods
  • How to boost metabolism and biochemistry
  • How to remove heavy metals and toxins and prevent re-exposure
  • How to remove pathogens, correct dysbiosis and strengthen the microbiome
  • How to optimize long-term health whilst managing and living with a Spectrum Condition

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