So I want to address the name of this website – Off the Spectrum.

I have already alluded to my view in a few places, that “It’s a spectrum, we’re all on it somewhere”!  So why choose the name ‘Off the Spectrum’?

Well, it came out of a conversation I had with my son one day, when we were discussing my daughters ‘complete meltdown’ prior to school that morning, and I was explaining that she wasn’t behaving like that intentionally, but rather there was some underlying root cause that we needed to understand and address.

He’s very aware of the work I do, and was asking if she was ‘on the spectrum‘ because she had these really outrageous moments when it seems to her like her whole world has just fallen apart over what seems to be the slightest thing.  She’s only nine, so I can’t expect her to have gratitude and appreciation for all that she has just yet!

We were talking about how as it is a spectrum, we are all on it somewhere, and then Jack piped up how he could see how I was ‘on the spectrum‘, other than the days, when I was clearly ‘way off the spectrum‘ :O.  I wonder if he meant to say ‘off the planet’ – surely NOT!

be (living) on another planet


if you say that someone is on another planet, you mean they do not notice what is happening around them and behave differently from other people He doesn’t always make much sense. It’s like he’s on another planet half thetime. (informal)

In reality ‘Off the Spectrum’ is a misnomer not a health claim

A misnomer is a word or term that suggests a meaning that is known to be wrong. Misnomers often arise because the thing named received its name long before its true nature was known. A misnomer may also be simply a word that is used incorrectly or misleadingly.


On the Spectrum, Off the Spectrum – the point being, “health is our greatest wealth” and “Good health is our birthright”, where you are on the spectrum is unique to you, so be there in your best health.  For the first time in history, Today’s Children Not Expected to Outlive Their Parents, and I find that worrying.

As a parent, I want to give my children the best fighting chance for their brightest future fulfilling their passion and purpose. “My intention with this website is to be all over the spectrum, as I continue to weave my way through all the scientific evidence base and follow the pioneers working in this field in my journey to discover how we achieve optimal health and vitality for our children.

Many blessings 🙂