Whether you are worrying about your child’s development in general or you are starting to notice some signs or traits which are making you stop and think. ┬áCheck out this list below of some of the early warning signs to watch out for if you are worrying about an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This list is by no means exhaustive and it can neither be used as a diagnosis, but it might help you confirm what you have been thinking and enable you to make that decision you may have been putting off – i.e have a chat with your GP, it’s worth it, the earlier the detection, the less your child may need to suffer.

Early Warning Signs of an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Difficulty in interaction with others,

Difficulty in expressing needs,

May avoid eye contact

May prefer to be alone

May use gestures instead of voice

May engage in repetitive play

May become attached to objects

May insist on sameness

Lack of personal contact, touch or cuddles

No fear or perception of danger

Insensitivity to pain

No response or inappropriate response to sound

Spins objects or self

Flapping or head banging

Repeats the same words or phrases