The No 1 thing to do is start an elimination diet.

You may have heard of GAPs or SCD, these are both good examples of how to improve the diet  and health of your child.  Whether you have tried it before and maybe not seen much change or whether you are reading about it and thinking about it, the first change to get your head around is a diet change, this means removing gluten, casein, soy,   but this is what your child needs for their healing.

Children who are not on the diet underachieve in the rest of the recovery process, diet is that important.

Start by removing the artificial ingredients, decreasing sugar and removing chocolate as best as you can. Then work on finding substitutes for the gluten, dairy, corn and soy foods that your child eats and gradually introduce them. The home study program includes help on how to change the diet with recipes, tips to make the process as easy as possible and help for picky eaters.
You may have already tried the diet and not seen much change. In this case I’d really like you to try again. It’s hard to do the diet 100% and many times we don’t see the improvements we expect because your child is eating a little bit of the wrong food here and there. Little bits matter. We see the best results when the diet is done 100%.
Being on an Autism diet helps decrease inflammation in the body, helps gut healing and helps re-balance the immune system.
Many kids are inflamed, with the brain of an autistic child known to be around 5% bigger than normal – this is thought to be from inflammation. It’s so important to control inflammation and being on an Autism diet is the first step.
Processed food is full of artificial additives (read chemicals) that the body sees as harmful. Our body handles them using its detoxification processes; they are not nutrients the body can use to grow and repair, or that can be used to make energy. These chemicals drive inflammation in the body and brain and also affect the balance of good bacteria in the gut.

Our gut bacteria are a living population that outnumbers the cells in our body. They play a key role in the function of our body, producing nutrients and playing a role in the removal of chemicals from the body. Think about what we are feeding them – fresh clean food keeps them healthy; food laden with chemicals is likely to do harm resulting in death.

As the good guys die off, the bad guys move in and take over. Functions are lost. The gut becomes inflamed, the immune system is affected and toxic waste is generated that impacts brain function.

The Autistic brain is around 5% larger than ‘normal’ and research is suggesting that inflammation is responsible.

6 diet changes that could have a major positive impact on your child’s Autism

·        Removing food that contains gluten

·        Removing dairy products that contain casein

·        Removing food that contains soy

·        Removing MSG

·        Remove any GMO crops

·        Remove artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives

Food allergies and food sensitivities are a major contributor to a toxic, inflamed gut. I find a large number of kids have food sensitivities and removing the offending foods makes a massive difference to their focus, concentration, sleep and energy levels.

In summary, the most important thing to do in step 1 is to reduce inflammation from a toxic inflamed gut. Start by cleaning up the diet – it’s the best thing you can do right now. Adding food is vitally important and in the program I give ideas and recipes to help expand your child’s diet.

 Many parents of children who have improved significantly talk about the diet changes as the foundation of their child’s healing. I really encourage you to put the diet in place as soon as you can, it’s the number 1 thing you can do right now.